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2023 , preprints & in press

Tickle H, Tsetsos K, Speekenbrink M, Summerfield C. Optional Stopping in a Heteroscedastic WorldPsychological  Review.

Pirrone A, & Tsetsos K. Towards an atlas of canonical cognitive mechanisms. Cognitive Science.

Tsetsos K. Unlocking a new dimension in the speed-accuracy trade-off. Trends in Cognitive Sciences.

Cao Y, & Tsetsos K. Decision bias and sampling asymmetry in reward-guided learning. bioRχiν.

Siems M, Cao Y, Tohidi-Moghaddam M, Donner TH, & Tsetsos K. Rhythmic sampling of multiple decision alternatives in the human brainbioRχiν.

Siems M, Donner TH, & Tsetsos K. GABA induced changes of functional connectivity dissociate amplitude-and phase-coupling during task but not rest.  Clinical Neurophysiology.

Lee DG, Tsetsos K, Pezzulo G, Shahar N, & Usher M. Variability and accessibility of information guide gaze dynamics in decision-making. OSF.

Tohidi-Moghaddam M, & Tsetsos K. The timescale and functional form of context-dependence during value-learning. bioRχiν.



Cao Y, & Tsetsos K. Clarifying the role of an unavailable distractor in human multiattribute choice. eLife.

Pirrone A, & Tsetsos K. On multiple sources of value sensitivity. PNAS.


Talluri BC, Urai AE, Bronfman Z, Brezis N, Tsetsos K*, Usher M*, & Donner TH*. Choices Change the Temporal Weighting of Decision Evidence. Journal of Neurophysiology (*co-senior authorship).

Pfeffer T,  Ponce-Alvarez A, Tsetsos K, Meindertsma T, Gahnström C,  van den Brink RL, Nolte G,  Engel AK, Deco G, Donner TH. Circuit mechanisms for the chemical modulation of cortex-wide network interactions and behavioral variability. Science Advances.


Tsvetomira D, Li V, Tsetsos K, Summerfield C. A map of decoy influence in human multi-attribute choice. PNAS


de Gee JW, Tsetsos K, Schwabe L, Urai AE, McCormick DA, McGinley MJ, & Donner TH. Pupil-linked phasic arousal predicts a reduction of choice bias across species and decision domains. eLife.

Summerfield C,  & Tsetsos K. Rationality and Efficiency in Human Decision Making. The Cognitive Neurosciences, 6th Ed., D. Poeppel, G. R. Mangun, M. S. Gazzaniga, Eds. (MIT Press).

Luyckx F, Spitzer B, Blangero A, Tsetsos K*, & Summerfield C*. Selective integration during sequential sampling in posterior neural signals. Cerebral Cortex. (*co-senior authorship).



Usher M, Tsetsos K, Glickman M, & Chater N. Selective-Integration: an attentional theory of choice biases and adaptive choice. Current Directions in Psychological Science.

Urai AE, de Gee JW, Tsetsos K*, & Donner TH*. Choice history biases subsequent evidence accumulation. eLife. (*co-senior authorship).


Moran R, & Tsetsos K. The Standard Bayesian Model is Normatively Invalid for Biological Brains. Behavioral and Brain Sciences.

Turner MB, Schley RD, Muller C, & Tsetsos K. Competing theories of multi-alternative, multi-attribute preferential choice. Psychological Review.

Glickman M, Tsetsos K, & Usher M. Attentional selection mediates framing and risk-bias effects. Psychological Science.

Talluri BC, Urai AE, Tsetsos K*, Usher M*, & Donner TH*. Confirmation Bias Through Selective Overweighting of Choice-Consistent Evidence. Current Biology (*co-senior authorship).


Tsetsos K. The dynamics of selective integration during rapid experiential decisions. Proceedings of the 39th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society.

Kunar MA, Watson DG, Tsetsos K, & Chater N. The influence of attention on value integration. Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics.


Tsetsos K, Moran R, Moreland J, Chater N, Usher M, & Summerfield C. Reply to Davis-Stober et al.: Violations of rationality in a psychophysical task are not aggregation artifacts. PNAS.


Tsetsos K, Moran R, Moreland J, Chater N, Usher M, & Summerfield C. Economic irrationality is optimal during noisy decision making. PNAS. [press coverage: Pacific Standard, Daily Mail, Medical Daily].


Tickle H, Speekenbrink M, Tsetsos K, Michael E, & Summerfield C. Near-optimal integration of magnitude in the human parietal cortex. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience.


Tsetsos K, Chater N, & Usher M. Examining the mechanisms underlying contextual preference reversal: Comment on Trueblood, Brown, & Heathcote, 2014. Psychological Review.


Tsetsos K*, Pfeffer T*, Jentgens P* & Donner TH. Action planning and the timescale of evidence accumulation. PLoS ONE. (*equal contribution).


Bronfman ZZ, Brezis N, Moran R, Tsetsos K, Donner TH & Usher M. Decisions reduce sensitivity to subsequent information. Proceedings of Royal Society of London B: Biological Sciences.


Summerfield C & Tsetsos K. Do humans make good decisions? Trends in Cognitive Sciences.


Tsetsos K, Wyart V, Shorkey SP & Summerfield C. Neural mechanisms of economic commitment in the human medial prefrontal cortex. eLife.

Cheadle S, Wyart V, Tsetsos K, Myers N, de Gardelle V, Herce Castañón S & Summerfield C. Adaptive gain control during human perceptual choice. Neuron.​


Ossmy O, Moran R, Pfeffer T, Tsetsos K, Usher M & Donner TH. The timescale of perceptual evidence integration can be adapted to the environment. Current Biology.

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Summerfield C, & Tsetsos K. Building bridges between perceptual and economic decision-making: neural and computational mechanisms. Frontiers in Neuroscience.


Olivola CY, Sussman AB, Tsetsos K, Kang OE, & Todorov A. Republicans prefer Republican-looking leaders: Political facial stereotypes predict candidate electoral success among right-leaning voters. Social Psychological and Personality Science.


Tsetsos K, Usher M, & McClelland JL. Testing multi-alternative decision models with non-stationary evidence (2011). Frontiers in Neuroscience.

Usher M, Tsetsos K, & Chater N. Postscript: Contrasting predictions for preference reversal (2010). Psychological Review.

Tsetsos K, Usher M, & Chater N. Preference reversal in multiattribute choice (2010). Psychological Review.

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